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IRS PTIN - Registration  -

While completing the sign up, register as an individual. In the business section click YES for self employed and leave everything else blank. Only complete the parts with the asterisks.

If you can not get a PTIN, No Problem!

If you can not obtain a PTIN don't worry because we can use a temp #. Once you have completed your tax certification exam and bank compliance training just email the documents to your Team Leader. This verifies that you are ready to be activated to submit live tax returns.


Your email to your Team Leader should read as follows.

Subject: Software Activation Request - (Pro #)

1. Your Full Name
2. Pro #

3. Email
4. Mobile #

6. SS#
7. Temp PTIN # - P02999999


If you do not receive your login information within 3 business days then send the same email to and we will expedite your activation.

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