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Tax returns have started funding and we expect to see some big payouts coming soon. It is required that you have an active MTP Pay Center account with your registration 100% completed and linked to Stripe. This includes a connected account for EACH level being Tax Pro AND Team Leader if it applies to you. All commissions are paid via the Pay Center and we do not offer any other options to receive your payouts. You can see your upcoming payouts by logging into the Pay Center. The weekly Payout reports are updated every Wednesday at 2 pm for the Friday deposits. Click My Account or Finance Reports and choose any weeks report. The weeks are displayed according to the MTP Pay Schedule Dates. Please remember that your first client return of $399 is a Member Loyalty return and there is no commission paid on it. All funded returns will be paid the following week after they have funded. You must have an active Stripe account linked to the Pay Center to receive your weekly payments.

The 2023 MTP Pay Schedule can be found in the Pro Portal under the documents tab. Commissions are paid every Friday for the previous week's FUNDED returns. Refer to the refund status checker for funding dates. Make sure that you complete your Pay Center registration.


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